Download Toon kids Free Unity. 

This pack contains:
6 low poly animated kids with 11 interchangeable hairs, hats and glasses.
All with all the cloth options for you to choose.
386 png textures: 123 cloth, 30 skins and normal map, 22 hair colours and normal map, 12 glasses and normal map and more.
Resolution from 1024×1024 to 256×256.

Vertices / faces from 2392/4526 to 2848/5350.
100 kid prefabs.

Humanoid avatar.

Facial animation using blendshapes.

44 animations:
idle1, idle2, idle3, walk1, walk2, run, sprint, jump, jumprun, walk backwards, run backwards, idle happy, laugh, idle sad, idle afraid, idle amazed, idle angry, cry, talk1, talk2, wave, clap, fall1, fall2, sit down, sit idle1, sit idle2, sit idle3, sit up, freefall, land, turnR45, turnR90, turnL45, turnL90, throwball, catchball, hit1, hit2, strafeL, strafeR, strafe run R, strafe run L, grab up and down.
Root motion and in place versions.
One extra animation with 20 static poses.

Check the videos for more information.

Check out the details and buy the license from the Unity Asset Store: 

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