Download Zombies Pack V2 FREE Unity. 

Pack of 5 zombie models, 4 of them with two skins, a total of 9 zombies.

PBR materials in 2k resolution.

Each model has two variants of the mesh, one simpler, with only body/head geometry and a variant with detachable body parts, to be used with Dismemberment systems of your choice, or to just hide/show them

I recommend Dismembering by Hartvigs IT which was made especially for my models.

Heads of each of them have an Open Mouth blendshape for easier bite animation.

Zombies are around 4-6k tris.

Some of them are variants of my other “normal” people models, check my store.

This pack is my second Zombies pack, check out my first one for 10 more zombies.

All models are skinned, Mecanim ready.

Pack has NO ANIMATIONS included, you must use Mecanim compatible animations to live them up.

You can see tests using ZOMBIE Starter: MoCap Animation Pack by Motion Capture Online in the videos below. They have Pro and Basic packs also, check them out!

Check out the details and buy a license from the Unity Asset Store: 

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